September everyday delights – Week Three

Hi there! So, here I am, managing to post a photo every day for my month of Everyday Delights. I’m super impressed with myself! This week, I’ve put my favourites at the top of the post. There are some square formats for Becky’s Square September but sadly, I didn’t take any pink ones for “In the Pink” theme. Does purple count, Becky?

I’m a sucker for lavender, purple and books

A month of everyday delights would not be complete without lavender, books and purples… this one received so much love from my friends on my 365project – I was very pleased. There’s a touch of pink in the ribbon for Becky!

I'm a sucker for lavender, purple and books

I’m a sucker for lavender, purple and books © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

Purple Power

At our monthly women’s gathering, we were invited to make these little boards to reflect what is important to us, to hold a stick of incense. I love the quote by Nigella Lawson at the back right: “What life can deliver, in quiet conscious moments, is an abundance of joy.” I hope you all have a weekend filled with small joys!

Purple power

Purple power © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

Wispy wisteria

I never realised wisteria had such intricate petals and such an amazing pattern. I liked it as it looks so cheerful and pretty. This is not growing in my garden but is hanging over the wall onto the driveway and it made me smile every day this week as I climbed into my car.

Wispy wisteria

Wispy wisteria © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

Mimosa against blue

The yellow mimosa blossoms against the blue sky make a lovely contrast. I’m so glad I took these when I did because when I looked at the tree today, the blossoms have all withered into faded little balls of boring fluff.

Mimosa against blue

Mimosa against blue © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

I’m a teapot

I am a real teapot. I’ve had this teapot for about 20 years – my niece gave it to me and I think I can say I’ve used it almost every day since. Now that is a real everyday delight! My morning fix is tea, not coffee and my day would not be complete without a pot of tea in the morning, in a favourite mug. This mug is a regular feature in my 365 project. Perhaps it’s the hearts that make it so photogenic. I had some fun processing this with one of the editing apps that I don’t seem to use anymore.

I'm a teapot

I’m a teapot © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

Absolute fluke

I caught this completely by accident when it was raining and didn’t see it until I copied it over to my computer. I was so chuffed – the first water crown I’ve ever caught, although it’s not really as sharp as it should be!

Absolute fluke

Absolute fluke © Deborah Ann Stott 2018


When the coral trees begin to bloom, nature is saying “spring is here folks!“. The next trees to blossom will be the jacarandas, hopefully in November.

I was looking at the coral tree blossoms and I never realised that they were so complex. The mousebirds, sunbirds and other feathered friends love these blossoms.


Complexity © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

What delights will week four bring me? One day at a time…

Debbie blog sign off 2018

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10 thoughts on “September everyday delights – Week Three

  1. josiegrace7 says:

    ah the crop of the purple textured pot and plant …gasp …stunning … you do of course know that your close ups of flowers inspired me to attempt my very first painting about 13 years ago?


    i love the delicasy of the blooms against the strong blue colour block of perfect sky too

    you have a great ability to bring out the Creator’s attention to detail which is often missed as we rush about doing our errands.

    Stop – look – breathe – appreciate … you tell each picture you take …which leads me into grateful worship of the King.

    Thank you for placing “not to be missed” viewpoints onto the hastily sketched map of our lives.

    Liked by 1 person

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