Classic Everyday Delights

This year, I want to be more focused on writing up my journey. Its a journey I’ve been on since 2014 and one I want to document in a more structured way… Each month I will share my monthly themes along with my learning, successes and failures. [A 2018 Feature Series]

Welcome to my review of my photography project for September, my 8th post in this series (I was in New Zealand for the June one!). My idea was to go back to the basic principles of my blog – to re-visit and get in contact with some of my “Happiness Resolutions” such as ‘be in the moment’, ‘express myself’, ‘showcase the local’, ‘create’ and so on. I also dabbled in some vintage style post-processing – its been so long since I ‘played‘ with my photo processing and I loved it!

“Be Observant”

The intention was to be aware and notice the world around me, to look for evidence of abundance and I guess I did that… many of the images are of the abundance of nature that comes to life in spring and others are simple things that are part of my days, like my son, my daily pot of tea, reading and journaling.

Reflection on the month

My style is evident in these photos – composing to showcase details with close-ups, bold colours, patterns, textures and shapes. This is my default setting, what I’m good at, practised at. It is my comfort zone, and that is perhaps the reason why I chose this theme for this month. It was perfect to portray spring, to celebrate my birthday month and didn’t require too much effort when I knew my work schedule was going to be hectic.

Protea Beauty © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

Protea Beauty © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

But it begs the question: if this is my comfort zone, what can I do to push myself out of that comfort zone? Indeed. October or at least the beginning of October is crazy at work. So perhaps I won’t be pushing myself too far out of my comfort zone in October either. When? December maybe…

Sept-2018-Vintage everyday delights

For the last three weeks, I’ve shared the weekly photos, so if you want to see them individually and read the accompanying narratives, click on the links:

Until next month’s review, take care.

Debbie blog sign off 2018

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All photos © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

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