Living joyfully: Alive and kicking

Today I had one of those days where you start reading something on the web, then you click on a link and you read something else. It turned out to be a music ramble… I thought I might share what I found out as part of a Weekend Coffee Share. So grab your fav beverage and join me on my ramble.

The headline on Digital Trends reads: Judge Miley Cyrus all you want, but a study claims listening to her music makes you smarter

Well, that grabbed my attention! Although my days of studying are thankfully over, I do like to play music while I work. But not Miley Cyrus! How can her music make you smarter? Intrigued, I carried on reading.

A study was commissioned by Spotify to conduct research on the type of music that is beneficial whilst studying of different topics such as maths, science and so on. According to findings, every subject has music that’s compatible with it, and that listening to the right kind can maximise focus and knowledge absorption. I shall pass this onto my son who will be writing his first-year university exams in a few weeks.

But music can help me tap into my creativity!

This same study found that songs with a tempo in the range of 50–80 beats per minute, like Katy Perry’s “Firework” can make your mind alert but calmer and can induce alpha waves in your brain, that are associated with “Eureka” type moments. Useful to know.

And if I just want to be productive when doing repetitive stuff at work?

Well, it seems there is an answer to that too. Upbeat music, in a major key like “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles or “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson are uplifting whereas songs in a minor key can be melancholy. Advice about these is that we shouldn’t listen to these ad nauseam or on constant repeat.

To maximize productivity, play an upbeat song every time your attention starts to wane  –  it will act like a boost of energy. []

Even though I have firm favourites that I turn to when I need a boost, I realised recently that I am so stuck in my music library. It hasn’t seen a new song gracing its portals for years! My son suggested a Google Play Family membership and I agreed to try it out. I dutifully downloaded an app onto my work computer. When a mountain of assignments came in that need to be marked, I found a Music Station that appealed and forged ahead with the marking. I have to admit, the music did help to get through the repetitive process, and the best of all? I have added some new songs to my library!

In my bumble through the posts about music, I was also fascinated to learn from a Huffington Post article that 85 per cent of the songs in the 1960s were written in a major key, whilst only about 40 per cent of recent songs are. Does that mean that the world has become a sadder place or that we need less cheering up? Read the article for other theories!

One of the posts pointed me towards a website called Song Key Finder, a site obviously for musicians, which I am not and I know nothing of major and minor keys. I spent a crazy amount of time looking at their lists of songs in different major keys. Of course, I was looking to see which songs in my own music library would be written in a major key and would qualify as uplifting. Fast forward half an hour! Here are some of my favourites songs, written in a major key (according to this website). Now I know why I always play them when I need to cheer myself up.

Songs from my library

Songs from my library

I’m 100% certain that this list tells you tons about the type of music I listen to and you can probably guess my age from it too! *grin*

Anything in those lists that is part of your music library, or that you play when you need a boost?
Why not click on the link for Song Key Finder and see what favourites of yours are in a major key?

I’m off to play one or two of these – I need a boost! Have a great week.

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This is the second in a series called “Living Joyfully” which may or may not appear weekly!

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7 thoughts on “Living joyfully: Alive and kicking

  1. scr4pl80 says:

    So very interesting! I love music playing while I am creating but I usually just have my iTunes on shuffle. I’ll have to pay attention to see if I get “craftier” during certain songs. There are only about six songs on your list I don’t have on mine. Nice to meet you from the A to Z Blog Guest post.

    Liked by 1 person

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