Nurturing a meditation​ practice with Insight Timer

One of the practices I wanted to take on board last year was meditating. My learning took me down the path of wanting to do short meditations to help me sleep and de-stress and the sleep sounds on the Relax Melodies app were not working.

I looked at apps like Headspace; Calm; Stop Breathe Think and more. Just when I got to the point of wanting more in each of these, I found myself hitting a wall of needing to pay for Premium content.

Expensive Premium content for someone who earns South African Rands and not Pounds or Dollars.

I would feel disappointed and look elsewhere.

In April 2018, I discovered Insight Timer or rather, I re-discovered it.
I’ve had it on my Play Store installed apps list since 2014.

The entry screen of the app says:
12,00 Mediations: The largest free library of meditations.

Wow! Free?
I didn’t quite believe it.

They have a daily “New” feed with a broad range of meditations of different lengths for different purposes. I saw that there were loads of short secular, non-secular and Buddhist options specifically targeted at getting to sleep and sleep quality.

I began using the app to select a meditation before sleep every night.
I am still using it.
For free.

I aim to continue using this app for as long as I am able to. I recommend it to anyone I talk to who is interested in meditating.


I don’t often rave about an app but there is so much I like about this app.

A crisp clean look and loads of functionality but I have yet to concern myself with getting a Premium version. And they do not throw ads for Upgrades in your face every 2 minutes.
I like that.

Insight Timer milestones 2018

In November I hit a 30 consecutive days milestone and I’m currently on a “70 consecutive days” streak with a total time of 78 hours and 20 minutes meditated. Pretty amazing if you think that at the beginning of last year I could not meditate for two minutes.
Oh, did I mention, I like the stats too? They’re also free!

I have spent a few of my hard earned Rand on one or two of the 10-day courses. You can ‘rent’ these for the duration of the course, or own it forever. A neat way to give people varying access to content.
Another thing I like.

Rather than me sharing all the info, read this great article about their paid offering and their business model for staying free, yet providing income for the teachers who provide the meditations and courses.

It seems as if their model might be working. I have no idea whether they are financially viable, but their users seem to enjoy the app. I know that I do.

How does this connect with my Thursday Thort?

I’ve not given much thought to how you offer an app like this without pushing premium content. But a couple of articles written by Christopher Plowman, the CEO of Insight Timer made me realise that what they are doing is different, brave and community minded. That’s my Thursday Thort!

In this blog post called “Something magical is happening in the meditation space”, Christopher shared stats that had been released about how long people spend on mediation apps in the US. He was justifiably proud of the fact that Insight Timer meditators make up the largest piece of the pie with 63%.

Wow! I wonder what the stats would look like if they included all the people around the globe who use it?. Those like me, who might come from less wealthy countries? Perhaps the stats would be even better?

“Rarely do they [journalists] write about how many of the downloads convert to meditators, or how much time people spend on them, or how often people return each week — ‘metrics’ that actually matter when nurturing a meditation practice.”

Insight Timer graph

Time is spent on Insight Timer compared with other meditation apps

In another article called “There’s an elephant in the meditation room.” Christopher shared some other mindblowing stats about the app:

“Every 24 hours in 130 countries our community meditates for ten collective years. On the very same day we stream 250,000 guided meditations, log 150,000 Timer sessions, and welcome 8,000 new meditators to our growing community of five million. At the same time 2,500 meditation teachers work away in the background uploading meditations, composing music, responding to users and sharing ideas with the world.”

Well done to the Insight Timer team for this beautiful and extremely beneficial app and for the thoughtful way in which they offer additional functionality and features. You really are bringing meditation to the world in a non-exclusive way!

Thank you!

Debbie blog sign off 2019


I have no affiliation with Insight Timer as a company or through advertising revenue. I am simply a happy user! 

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