The best of 2018: Memories in photographs

This last Lens Artists Photo Challenge of the year 2018, is all about memories. Make a recap of Your 2018! What do you remember most vividly? What precious moments from your everyday life, family, travels, holidays, adventures, meetings, did you capture with your camera?

I saw this challenge and wondered how to fit my favourite memories and photos into a post. My blog isn’t exclusively a photography one and I already share a photo each day on another site, so I don’t always want to upload loads of images which are accessible elsewhere and which take up loads of space in my media library.

It always takes me so long to decide on these things. I eventually came up with a plan (I find all I need to do is start and then inspiration comes!) and I have spent the whole day making a photo book for myself and images to share here.

I’ll let you into a secret. It’s one of my very favourite ways to spend a day. It’s much more fun than the packing, decluttering that I am meant to be doing!

I also realised that this would be a great way to round off my 2018 Feature Series that I started in January 2018.  I promised myself that each month I would share my monthly photography themes along with my learning, successes and failures. A feature series with 12 chapters.

What did I learn about myself and my photography over the year?

Hmmm… that I didn’t quite keep that promise, but I did do 8 posts out of 12. This counts as number 9! It also means that I didn’t do a complete year of my 365 project either – there are massive gaps in those calendars.

I have learnt that I push myself too hard. Sometimes, something just has to give. I need to take a break and look after myself, recoup my energies. I have come to the point of saying to myself: “It’s OK if I don’t do everything I’ve set myself up to do. It’s OK if I don’t take a photo every day.” After all, I achieved that aim twice already in 2014 and 2015! Yikes, I need to cut myself some slack!

But I still have just over 1500 photos and tonnes of memories too. I did a lot of travelling last year and a lot of staying at home too! I’ve collated set of photos into loose themes below. Each set of photos has my memories written at the bottom. You will have seen some of these already in individual posts (I’ve included the links to the fuller stories under the images) but I do like the idea of having all my memories in one post! Some of them also appear in my round up of my favourite blog posts of 2018 too.

I’ve really enjoyed looking at other people’s 2018 reviews. I hope you enjoy mine!

Everyday memories

2018 Memories-Small_1

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Aghullas – March 2018

2018 Memories-Small_2

Read more: April 365 Project – Travel Shots

Namibia – May 2018

2018 Memories-Small_3

Small Creatures

2018 Memories-Small_4

Read more: Bees, bugs, birds – A week in the winter garden

Hobbiton, NZ – July 2018

2018 Memories-Small_5

Read more: What kind of people live here?

New Zealand – July 2018

2018 Memories-Small_6


2018 Memories-Small_7

Read more: Bootiful, bountiful birds

Black and White

2018 Memories-Small_8

Read more: Shoot what it feels like

Flowers, leaves and plants

2018 Memories-Small_9


2018 Memories-Small_10

Debbie blog sign off 2019


12 thoughts on “The best of 2018: Memories in photographs

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Debbie, your work is absolutely beautiful and you’ve done a terrific job of collating it into groups that make sense. Masterfully done!! I look forward to seeing more from you in our upcoming challenges for 2019

    Liked by 1 person

      • wanderessence1025 says:

        I’m so glad you found some inspiration in my post, and it encouraged you to do your own photographic wrap-up of your year. I am so intrigued by many of your travels, especially the trip to Namibia and New Zealand, and even South Africa. I also loved your regular everyday photography. I found when I do these wrap-ups, that they’re too long for most people to actually read them; but for me as a diary of my year, they’re invaluable. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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