Books and my 2019 Reading Challenge

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I saw this on Facebook today and it reminded me that books are so much a part of my life, especially that pile at the bottom right-hand corner “Books that changed my life”.
What would life be without reading?



And have done since I was a young girl. I remember working my way through some series or other when I should have been studying for exams. I always claim that my reading helped me to do well in my English Lit papers! So grateful that I can read.


After I finished my doctorate in 2014, I read novels voraciously, as I hadn’t had time to read for pleasure for 4 years. The thought of more reading, even for pleasure made me crazy.

Since then I have been happily working my way through piles of novels and personal growth books on my Kindle and in physical form.

Annual Goodreads Challenges

Each year since I have set myself a target on Goodreads to encourage me to increase my reading year-on-year.

In 2015 my aim was a paltry 4 books. I read 11. Hardly surprising – 4 is nothing! 

2015 goodreads challenge

In 2016, I aimed for 10 and read 13.

2018 goodreads challenge

I’m not sure what happened in 2017! In 2018, my aim was 22 and I read 23.

2016 goodreads challenge

This year I am stepping it up to 50 books, especially as I will not be working for at least 3 months from February to April! Read why I’ve made this amazing opportunity for myself!

2019 goodreads challenge


In February, I will be living back in the UK and I plan to utilise my local library. I haven’t had access to a library for at least 9 years as our local one is poorly funded. There is nothing quite like anticipation!

Here’s to a year of reading!

Do you set yourself reading challenges to encourage you to read more? I’d love to hear from you if you do. If you’re on Goodreads and would like to be ‘friends’ there, let me know!

You can find me on Goodreads.

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13 thoughts on “Books and my 2019 Reading Challenge

  1. wanderessence1025 says:

    Congratulations on making a reading goal for 2019 and for previous years as well. I’m a big fan of Goodreads. I’ve set a goal of 50 books for this year too. I just followed you and made a friend request. We can cheer each other on. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Waking the Wombat says:

    Yes, I love a good book and was sooooo disappointed when my soon to be daughter-in-law announced that she’d never read a book in her life – I mean, what hope for my future grandchildren!! She’s gone down a few notches in my estimation as a result. Anyway, a reading challenge is an excellent idea and I reckon I can set myself one but certainly nowhere near 50. That’s some going – good luck and happy reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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