Photography aspirations for 2019

This year I have set intentions.
My intentions reflect who I want to be this year.
How I want to approach life.
How I want to approach photography.

Another 365 (less 19 days) opportunities to take photos.
To continue my Journey into Photography.
365 opportunities to stop and see.
Be present.
Be receptive.

In 2017, I wrote a lot about this journey – discovering how I see things, why I shoot what I shoot, what kind of photographer I think I am… In 2018 I tried to do a Feature Series each month to reflect on my continuing learning. You can access all of these from my Journey into Photography page.

2019 photography aspirations

Intentional Aspirations and Alignment


Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you are interested in fully living your life for the year to come. [Melody Beattie]

This year, I have been thinking that I want to be more intentional about not only my life but my photography too. So this is what I aspire to this year – photographically.

My aspirations centre around deepening my understanding of myself as a Holistic Photographer and the idea that everything is connected in our world. The more I can capture that interconnectedness the more in tune with it I will be. The ultimate aim is of course to document my transitions and life changes for 2019.

This year, I am trying to approach all situations in my life with a “beginner’s mind” – with awareness, curiosity, wonder and joy.
There is no reason why I should not apply this to photography as well.
This means using all 5 senses to get a real feel for a scene or shot to do as David Alan Harvey says and “shoot what it feels like”.
It means looking at the world with fresh eyes – almost as if I’ve never seen it before.

We photograph how something feels by feeling that thing ourselves, which in turn gives us something to say. The camera and all the elements of our craft are merely the means by which we say those things. [David duChemin]



Well, I intend to incorporate photography into my daily and weekly routine in a more structured way than I currently do, especially as I will have the time and headspace to do so.

Using “attentional aperture” (a notion used by Gregory Berg), I plan to walk, notice and play – combining a mindful walking practice with mindful photography with a focus on playing with composition.

Paying attention to compositional elements that I use a lot like texture, shape, lines and light and shadow, will help me to bring depth, energy, balance and a sense of story to my photography. Black and white images might also feature highly in my quest to shoot what it feels like! For me, black and white photography evokes emotions that are difficult to convey in colour.

Beyond that, I also want to challenge myself by taking a photography course and perhaps going on a holiday/tour that is photography based. I’d like to run some photography courses; to make a book of some kind and get it printed. And, I want to write another monthly feature for this blog, as I did last year.

“If you want to make more interesting pictures, become a more interesting person.” – Jay Maisel

Last year I tried to use another of Julia Cameron’s tools from her book the Artists Way – Artist Dates. I failed horribly! This is the year for me to get them into my weekly routine. Once a week, I’d like to go somewhere I haven’t been before (a bookshop, a flower shop, botanical garden, a library, a village, a museum) or take an unfamiliar route, soak up the novelty of doing something new, whimsical.  Playing!

And in aligning my photography with my life, linking up with my Reading Challenge, I would like to read more books about art, photography, photographers etc. Expand my awareness of this field and the broader field of art. Hopefully, this will all contribute to my love of learning as well as help me become a more interesting person!


So, to round up, 2019 is about honing my artistic skills with an emphasis on elements of composition and design and aligning my photography with my life aspirations. As with my life intentions, I feel ready for this year photographically!

This idea of photographic aspirations and intentions has been inspired by a duChemin article 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Photography in 2019 and Katrina Kennedy at Capture Your 365. I’d like to thank them for making me think about this more deeply and really getting my head around where I want to go in 2019.

If you are a photographer, what are your aspirations or intentions for 2019? Leave me a comment – I’d love the hear from you!

Debbie blog sign off 2019

12 thoughts on “Photography aspirations for 2019

  1. claire516550 says:

    I love that you can use photography to make that connection. I feel very connected too when taking images, and mindful gratitude, for the world around us. We are able to use our material to educate ourselves, and our viewers on various matters, having this ability and opportunity makes one feel especially lucky, but also aware of the huge problems we face today and in the future. One hopes to spread awareness. You are obviously making a contribution. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nip it in the bud says:

    I first read the Artists Way 17 years ago and I keep meaning to pick it up again (thanks for the reminder).
    I’ve had a weird year with photography after a spell of 3 months last year after my Mum died when I didn’t even pick up my camera. The first time I did it was like my mind was wiped and I didn’t know how to change the settings. I’ve always liked taking pictures but had only started learning about things like apperture, ISO settings etc. It wasn’t embedded enough to retain it through trauma . I planned to do more this year but then Weleda happened and has taken over my free time. I just use my phone mostly. When the boys go back to school/nursery I hope to develop more of a daily practice like your mindfulness walks x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Debs Stott 🌳 Everyday Delights says:

      Hiya. So sorry to hear about your mom, it must been / be a tough time.
      I think the Artist’s Way has changed my life. It’s the reason I’m able to write a book. Having done it once, I still dip in and out of it quite often.

      Photography. It has gotten me through some tough times. I ‘mislaid it’ when my son was young but found it again when I was in the midst of writing up my doctoral dissertation. It kept me sane and grounded, I started a 365 project and haven’t looked back since.
      For you, I’m sure it will come back when the time is right. And using your phone is just as good as using a ‘big’ camera, you can still compose and create with that.
      I wrote about that same dilemma recently too.
      I love my mindful walks. Sometimes I take just my phone and others my DSLR. They get me out the house into nature and paying attention.
      Thanks for taking time to browse and comment.


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