A new Everyday Delight

Friday 1st March 2019, Day 27

My adopted mother, J, lives a few hundred metres away from a woodland lake. It’s a really pretty spot even in winter, with tall trees and alive with woodland¬† birds and water fowl, including swans.

We have been blessed with fabulous unseasonal weather these last few weeks, culminating in record highs for February this last week.

Earlier this week, I took myself off for a walk around the lake with my camera. It was warmer outside than in and as I started off a quite a pace, I was soon regretting my coat!

Once I reached the lake, I slowed down to watch the birds that live on the water – the ducks warming themselves in the sunshine, the swans with their tail feathers in the air as they scour the bottom for food, the moorhens chasing each other.

The trees around the lake made some awesome, abstract reflections in the water – with colour, depth and pattern.

The highlight of the walk for me was spotting some teeny tiny birds in the trees, about 5cm long. I have not yet been able to take any photos of them or to identify them, but I’ll keep trying.

I didn’t get pics of birds, but I did get loads of photos of gorgeous shadows made by the trees and the low light.

I cannot wait to see how the woodland transforms in the springtime.

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