Living Joyfully: Garden Delights

Thursday 21st March, England, Day 47

“Grow, you buggers, grow”

I’m dog sitting for my aunt-in-law (let’s call her V) whilst she recovers from a hip replacement surgery.

I found this message hidden in a flowerbed.

I laughed. “That’s just the kind of thing V would say to her flowers,” I thought to myself.

I’d been writing my Morning Pages. I was blown away by the stunning early morning light streaming through the windows of V’s small conservatory. It made everything look bright and cheery. I smiled.

The birds were twittering and the bells were ringing for Sunday services. The sky was blue and dotted with clouds.

Even though I was still in my jammies, the sunshine enticed me outside.

Brr. The warmth of the conservatory had made me think it was warmer than it actually was!

I was greeted by the glorious magnolia tree in full bloom in the next door garden. Worth getting chilly for!

Anyway, my steaming cuppa was waiting inside to warm me up.

Aah. Sunday contentment.

This post is part of my Thursday Thort and  Living Joyfully series.

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