Spring Cleaning Time!

Hello dear readers.

I have been away on a retreat for a week and did not manage to write and schedule posts before I went away. Now, I’m back and ready to write about my experiences and put aside some time to re-connect with this blog, its readers and the world!

A spring in my step

Last year when I did a spring clean on my blog, it was autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. As I don’t currently have a home of my own to spring clean, over this last weekend I felt that I needed to spring clean something and my blog came to mind. And this time, it really is spring! Yay! I could dust out the messy and un-visited corners and breathe some fresh air into it.

Isn’t spring the most magical time of the year?

Being back in the Northern Hemisphere where the seasons are more defined, I have realised just how much I have missed a “real” spring. I’d forgotten how the flowers bloom in a fairly orderly procession from snowdrops, to crocuses, to daffodils, tulips and bluebells. Then the trees get in on the act and share their apple and cherry blossoms, whilst others suddenly sprout vibrant green leaves which unfurl gradually. As if by magic, there is greenery everywhere, bursting forth in abundance. It makes me feel alive.

I like to think of my blog as a living, breathing thing. I’d like to think that it has energy. Energies stagnate, even on blogs! Mine is feeling a little stagnant at the mo. I feel it needs to reflect the huge changes and adjustments that are going on in my life. Of course, the overall focus remains the same: to share the small things that elevate the day from the ordinary to the extraordinary. But, as my life changes, so what I write about changes.

I wonder if other bloggers “spring clean” their blogs too! Let me know if you do and why.

Intentional categories

I recently started a new practice of using intentional planning each week to keep me focused on my current broader intentions concentrating on specific areas of my life. I have set these up as categories and menu items as my way of structuring my thoughts for posts. Which is exactly what I’ve done today. These are the new items on the menu:

  • Creativity which includes previous Photography and Foto Friday posts and might at some stage bring in dance, theater, music, art and more.
  • Experiences and adventures with people and places (includes older Travel posts and my more recent Transitions series)
  • Spirituality and Selfprimarily about my own personal growth, mindfulness and increasing spirituality as well as sharing my thoughts on well being and nourishing myself
  • Home Grown: My home is an expression of myself. Posts about how I use my home space to nourish and express myself.
  • Living JoyfullyI started this series last year (2018) and occasionally post about those things that bring real joy into my life. These may well cross over into Creativity and Experiences too! Life, after all, cannot be neatly categorised into one slot.

These ones haven’t changed but I’ve made them more prominent:

  • Everyday Delights for when I just need to post about that small delight that I have stumbled upon!
  • Love of Words. Sometimes I play with words and participate in Six Word Stories challenges.
  • Natural World. As it says on the tin!

daily post themes 2019

Older Categories

If you want to find the previous categories I used, use the Categories drop down box and look under “Previous Categories“. There you will find Monday Musings, Thursday Thort etc.

As always, I’d love to know what you think about the changes. Do drop me a comment or a thought!

Debbie blog sign off 2019




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