A wake up call for busyness

The Unbusy Manifesto written by Jonathan Fields (of The Good Life Project) is well worth a read if you feel that you are reacting to life rather than living it intentionally. If you feel you are being dragged through life (as he puts it), then make a choice to give yourself some ‘me time’, grab a cuppa and have a read. Download it from the link above. It’ll only take 10 minutes. I did and it resonated 100% with my experiences. 

Here’s the intro from his website:

Busyness. It’s a problem.

But, what if there was something deeper happening? An epic battle between intention and surrender that is both a source of profound pain, and an unlock key for life unbounded? And, along with that, an undiagnosed condition – Reactive Life Syndrome – that so many of us are living with, without even knowing it, or understanding there’s something we can do about it.

Unbusy: A Manifesto is your awareness wake up call. An inciting incident that shakes you from living an autopilot, reactive and maniacally busy life into owning the possibility and responsibility to choose your behavior from this moment forward. To reclaim your humanity. To live from a place of intention, space and grace. To remove yourself from the weight of Reactive Life Syndrome and mindless, autopilot busyness.

Can you see yourself / your life in his descriptions? I can.

Have you had a dramatic “inciting incident” yourself or are you just at that point where you are trudging along wondering if things will ever get better? My inciting incident, my wake up call was my declining health and being terribly overweight. If you read this blog, you will know that I’m working on shifting the way I live my life.

I’d love to hear your stories and thoughts.

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