Appreciating this moment

8:30am Friday 21st June 2019, England, Day 140

I’m here at the dining room table with the door open and the sun drifts inside. The mirrored light catcher hanging on the wall casts moving patches of light over the hexagonal patio tiles and plant pots.

The air is cool around my bare ankles, but the cup of hot water and ginger cordial compensates for that.

I’m glad to be alive, to be here in this moment – thankfully without big responsibilities or issues. At this moment, I am living joyfully as I watch the discs of light play over the step, as the sun plays hide and seek behind the scattered clouds, as the birds compete with each other for the “best morning singer” prize.

I can honestly say, this is a moment when I have noticed joy, because I was paying attention. I was not in a rush to get dressed, tidy up, to “do” things.

I’m appreciating this moment.

This post is part of my Living Joyfully series

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