JOMO not FOMO for me!

Have you watched Ingrid Fetell Lee’s TEDx Talk about “Where joy hides and how to find it“.

Ingrid Fetell Lee is a designer and author who did some research on where joy comes from by looking at things in the physical world that give us joy and why. In her TEDx talk she shares her journey of this research and what she found: googly eyes, hot air balloons, cherry blossoms, confetti, swimming pools, bright colours, round things – these are just a few of the things that make people feel joy. I love what she found! The talk is captivating if you have time to watch it.

I stumbled upon her website via her Instagram profile and found this lovely post about finding joy on vacation. There are some delightful ideas there and I’m happy to say that I try to do many of ideas when I travel, capturing moments in my travel journal.

Dabelle - Immersing herself in travel experiences
Dabelle – Immersing herself in travel experiences

JOMO (Joy of Missing Out!)

However, the one thing from the post that I really loved is JOMO, the exact opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out). JOMO is the joy that comes with missing out. She writes: “The idea behind JOMO is to take a break from checking things off the bucket list, and make time for the ordinary“.

Oh yes, this is me to a T.  I hate traipsing all over the a place just so I can say I’ve seen x or been to y. I’d rather plan to do one thing a day and to enjoy that thing to its fullest.

Many small joys add up, and slowing down creates space to savor the small oddities of life in a different place. It amplifies the feeling of freedom that we get on vacation, liberating us from schedules and expectations.

How to have a more joyful vacation

For me, her tips point to having a break that is more mindful, engaging, relaxing and full of small joys that will make me feel alive and engaged.

Knowing that we are all delightfully different, what’s your favourite way to travel?

This post is part of my Living Joyfully series

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