Feathers bring me unexpected joy

After a day of working and sitting down on my bum, I took myself off for a brisk walk one evening last week. I do love British summers for just that reason – the days are long and evening can mean anything from 5 to 8pm!

As usual, I headed for Heathlake woods just across the road with the intention of checking up on the 7 cygnets that are growing up on the lake. The earth around the lake is covered in a profusion of white feathers, like a smattering of summer snow. I guess the water birds are moulting.

What are the odds of finding on blue feather in all these white ones, let alone three?

First I found an unusual one with striking turquoise blue patterns down the left side – I’ve never seen such a feather and have yet to indentify it. I was already incredibly pleased – such a small find, but a great treasure which brought me instant joy.

As I walked around the lake, surrounded by the sea of white fluff, I miraculously found 2 more blue feathers – both duck I think.

Dabelle investigates

My little friend Dabelle did some digging around on the web and thinks this might be a feather from a Jay (the same family as the crow). The tiny feather I found might be a wing feather from this cute creature.

Jay Source RSPB

The walk that was intended to clear my head and bring some movement back to my legs, turned out to be an unplanned artist date!

This post is part of my Living Joyfully series

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5 thoughts on “Feathers bring me unexpected joy

  1. josiegrace7 says:

    What a beautiful feather … thx for identifying it for us 🙂

    I often find God speaking to me through the unexpected …like feathers … I see them as reminders of His love for me.

    I am really pleased that you have the time to explore yourself as an artist …it’s a fab gift and reward to yourself…you deserve it … enjoy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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