Transitions: Life is a dance

Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen
[Arianna Huffington on Supersoul Sunday]

I saw this quote on Facebook some time ago and shared it immediately. Trying to get this balance right is something that I’m grappling with myself at the moment and have written about recently.

  • How much can I let go and how much do I need to take action on?
  • Am I sweating the small stuff too much? Over thinking everything?

In her mediation for 25th September “Confused Thinking“, Anne Wilson Schaef’s writes:

“Sometimes we think too much … We need to call upon some of our powers other than thinking. We need to ‘wait with’ knowing” – in other words wait with our inner guidance.

We just need to say “I don’t know right now”, rather than trying to force an answer to come. As Leo Babauta says in his blog post about overthinking, making a decision in life is like making a decision in a poker game – we can never be 100% certain. He points out that after some research and information gathering, all we can do is ask ourselves: is this a loving action for myself with a long term benefit? Then we must make a decision that seems the best at this moment, given the information we have.

Back to balance

It comes back to finding the balance between owning and trusting. Owning and taking responsibility for my choices and actions and trusting that everything will be OK – releasing some of the control and just letting things happen as they will.

I’m at that point of making a decision. I’ve done some research and asked myself the tough questions. What I am considering is a loving action for me and is the best decision I can make at the moment. There’s a voice inside me is saying “Go for it, Debs. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world“.

This year had been all about uncertainty and not knowing and continues to be like that. It is teaching me that making a decision, taking some action and committing to something without knowing everything with absolute certainty, opens up new pathways and possibilities and allows for wonder and curiosity to play their part.

You are probably curious about the decision I’ve made. All will be revealed soon, I promise.

This post is part of my Transitions series.

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