I’m a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor!

I’m so excited! I recently applied to be a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, which I will tell you more about shortly. As with so many things in my life these days, this was not planned but completely serendipitous. I saw a link on Instagram – Weleda were looking for people to join their advisor network. So I clicked on the link – read about the company, products and role – it all felt good in my body and I signed up. Next thing I knew, I was having a phone interview and I was accepted.

Why did I sign up?

Well there are three things for me really.

1️⃣ – Natural, organic products 🌺

I do prefer using natural products on my face and body, and for the longest time, I have made my own facial “products” using natural oils, aromatherapy oils, Epsom salts and apple cider vinegar. I’ve also made my own body scrubs. Way back, before I was a mum, I sold aromatherapy products and attended a Robert Tisserand massage workshop in London. My affinity with natural products goes way back.

The idea of using award winning products that are not only organic and 100% natural but also sustainably and responsibly produced by a company who publicly publishes their ethical values and which has been around since 1921, inspired me.

This year, Weleda is the winner of the both the Best Fair Trade / Sustainable Brand and Best Natural Health Brand in the Beauty Awards. They have a host of other awards, which you can see on their website.

2️⃣ – Finding my tribe 🌺

I’m recently living back in England after 18 years in South Africa, and apart from family, I do not have any friends here. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who are optimistic, supportive and collaborative, people who perhaps think like I do. I had a tribe when I lived in a small, seaside town in South Africa, but I haven’t had one for too long, and I’m searching for one. (You can read more here and here).

3️⃣ – one part of my portfolio career 🌺

I want to build a portfolio career (I’ve talked about this before) – instead of having a traditional full-time job, your career consists of multiple part-time jobs (perhaps part-time contracts, freelancing, and self-employment). This is one way that I can get started, and generate some income, doing something that makes me feel like I am helping to make the planet a better place as well as helping people. There is no “hard sell” ethos or pyramid scheme which I’m pleased about – otherwise I would not have signed up.

Above all, I love the ethos of advising, recommending, educating and informing, not selling or being driven by targets and money. It means there is no pressure from head office or other advisors to sell.

So what’s next?

I’m starting small and slowly. I’ve just done my first bit of starter training. I have started using the products myself so I can get to know their properties and how they work for me. I have am doing one to one skin care consultations with family members.

In time, I will plan and run Wellbeing Events and hopefully participate in wellness and wellbeing festivals. But first, I need to get settled in a home of my own, so that I can focus on this new opportunity.

Once I’ve settled into a home and I know where I am living, I will start connecting with my local community and sharing on social media but for now, as I’m in this initial learning phase and living a life which is in a state of uncertainty, I have just created a page here on this blog, giving an overview of the company and the wellbeing adviser role. I hope you will have a read.

Other advisers are getting excited about the annual conference and I’m gutted that I will miss it this year. Sadly it coincides with my trip to Scotland to take T to university, which was all planned before I signed up to this role. Never mind, I will just have to make sure that I get there next year!

As you can imagine, there’s a ton to learn about the products, their ingredients and how they are products as well as about the company. But that’s OK. I’m in an intense personal growth phase anyway and learning is part of who I am, so I love this aspect. It inspires me to grow into the best wellbeing adviser that I can be! Being open, curious and eager to learn – a perfect match for me.

Visit my Weleda page.
All images are from Weleda website, advisor resources or freely available publiccations.

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