See yourself as a connector of moments

Last night I was guided by Tom Evans’s “Count your Riches” meditation on the Insight Timer app. Part way through he said something that was so powerful that it shook me out of my semi-slumbering state. I may not have it word-for-word but it went something like this:

Just for today…
Live moment to moment
See yourself as a connector of moments
String those moments together to create a narrative (or he may have said story) for your life

Wow! Like I said, powerful.
I’ve been writing a lot about connection in my morning pages as well as on this blog. This post is a result of my musings on the topic and how they might connect to my book.


I began to wonder. I’ve previously written that I need to:

“pay attention to my days – to make the minutes, hours and days count for something – to witness my life”

But, what if, instead of seeing life as a series of minutes, days, weeks, months, years, (i.e. as traditional segments of time, which can be rather linear) why not use moments as the measure of time and connect those to weave a complex tapestry of life? I was reminded of Anne Lamott’s idea of living “stitch by stitch” which I’ve written about before.

As we make our way through life, individual moments can be random and separate. It is the way that they are connected which allows them to be woven together into a narrative. I am the one who connects them to string or weave them together (in fact I prefer the word weave, rather than string because stringing assumes a linear composition).

I may weave the moments together entirely differently to someone else, based on my approach and attitude to life and in the way I think about connections. Some of the moments may be more significant than others based on the number of connections I make to other moments. They might become a hub of connections, a key moment or experience in my life. Here are some examples!

Am I making any sense?

This way of thinking about re-writing our life stories appeals to my visual nature, to my understanding of life as an interconnected web, to road maps. The book I am writing draws heavily on the roadmap metaphor in terms of building your own map for navigating your midlife. The cartographer (me), is weaving all the moments together, connecting them to make a map as I go along. Again, each person will make a different map with the moments and connections, giving them a unique way to navigate their life. There are endless possibilities.

I love how this works! ❤😊
I read or hear something
⏩ I write it down and explore it in my morning writing
⏩ I engage with it from my own experience
⏩ I make connections
⏩ I reconfigure my own map by accommodating / internalising the new idea.
⏩ Voila – I am adjusting my own map as I go along!

Connections, connections, connections!

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