A fistful of feathers

Hi there everyone.

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while. I’ve got just 6 days left to finish off my book proposal for the Hay House contest and as you can imagine that is taking up all of my time and energies. I’m hoping to be back into posting next week.

In the meantime, this is just a short, quick post. After sitting at my computer all day, I have been going for a short walk around the grounds of the place I am house sitting to clear my head and stretch my crinkled muscles.

Yesterday, a largish fallen feather caught my eye, lying on top of the lush green grass. I picked it up. Then as I strolled, I noticed loads of them scattered around, so I began to pick them up. Pretty soon I couldn’t hold anymore and I came back to the house clutching a fistful of feathers.

I think they are pigeon feathers. Does anyone know if pigeons moult or do the feathers fall out naturally when they fly? I’d love to know why there are so many!

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