Snatches of Scottish Road Trip (6)

Images from our recent Scottish Road Trip. If you have found your way here from an Instagram or Facebook post, you’ll see variations of the one posted there.

A majestic spot for a coffee stop! Isle of Skye.⁠ We were weary of driving and it had been a wet, dreary day. Our Thermos flask of coffee was calling, but we wanted a scenic spot to stop and drink it. We’d just passed Flora MacDonald’s memorial and were heading further north. This cliff came into view. As we turned the corner, we saw a lay-by with a picnic bench at the base of the cliff (near Duntulm Castle) on the edge of the Little Minch (a stretch of water between the northern tip of Skye and Lewis/Harris). Serendipity at work!

We drank our coffee, snacked on ginger biscuits and soaked up the beauty of Scotland’s West Coast. Dabelle had a few adventures of her own!

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Majestic, but crumbling cliff

Tomorrow – nature’s art in rocks and stones. Which image or image set you like the most? Are there any you don’t like. Leave me a comment.

Scottish Road Trip Series:
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