Perspectives on Conisbrough Castle

I am free!
The Hay House book proposal is submitted.
I have no responsibilities for a few days.
I need to get out of the house!
I have my car, dearest Kiki Clara.
Time for a small adventure!

I headed out to Conisbrough Castle which is near the place I’m house sitting. I’m not much of a history buff. I’m terrible at remembering historical facts and dates – don’t expect any illuminating historical detail from me. But I do love exploring old buildings and hunting out the details that fascinate me. Patterns, textures, lines, interesting perspectives. So that’s what I’ll show you. This first one is my favourite – taken from the boundary wall, revealing how the keep looms up over the countryside.

A different perspective

This castle took my breath away – lording it over the countryside. I guess, that is exactly what it was meant to do in it’s heyday. It was in fab condition and they’ve managed to re-build inside. The view from the top was spectacular – apparently you can see for 20 miles on a clear day. I tried to imagine what that must’ve been like before the surrounding areas were chock-a-block with houses and roads. You can even see a disused viaduct from the Northern side.

The keep (the big central tower) was used for the lord and lady’s private chambers. I must admit that when I was inside, I was glad that I didn’t live in the 12th Century. The large windows that looked out over the village would not have had glass in them and you can imagine how freezing it must’ve been in winter. Brrr. The lord and lady had their own private chapel too and I was fascinated to see that there were two garderobes (aka lavatories) in the keep and stone washbasins – luxurious!

So, tell me. Are you a history buff? Do you have the kind of memory where things just stick? Or are you more like me – into the feel of the place and imagining what it was like to live there?

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One thought on “Perspectives on Conisbrough Castle

  1. loisastwood says:

    How interesting to read of your visit to Conisbrough Castle – we lived nearby for many years and watched the improvements they made in order to make it a great place to visit – so glad you enjoyed it – blessings Lois

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