Wow – wild fungi love!

About a month ago I went to the woods for a walk, taking only my phone with me. As I wandered through the darker, damper places I stumbled upon the biggest assortment of mushrooms I’ve ever seen (yes, I’ve been in South Africa for so long, and we don’t have a lot of damp, dark places!)

Even though these photos were taken with my phone, I was so pleased with having found the mushrooms, that I shared them on Instagram. I especially loved the “Mushroom Buddies”.

Well, to my surprise, I have been subconsciously “mushroom hunting” ever since – in Scotland, in Yorkshire… the sheer variety amazes me. Have a look at the these.

Scottish mushrooms

What a range of colours – red, brown, yellow, orange.

Yorkshire mushrooms

This one has grown since I’ve been observing it and something has been nibbling at it – hopefully the mushie isn’t poisonous? Just look at those patterns!

A superb collection snuggling in an old tree trunk

I’ve always loved autumn, but I can see that I’ll have even more reason to now!

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