Dabelle’s Diary – Autumnal fun

Extract from Dabelle’s diary – Wednesday 3rd October

Hi there, folks. It’s been a long whole since Debbie let me write something for her blog. But finally, she thought I had something groovy to share with you!

Like Debbie, I have been in Africa most of my life. Now that I am here in England, I am loving the new things to explore here as the seasons change. Chestnuts are a completely new object for me. The shells are a little bit spiky but the perfect size for a Lego-sized gal like me to climb into. The conkers themselves – terribly slippery when you have hands and feet like mine.

Last week, I braved the spiky green chestnut shells and had a few moments of calm in the curly leaves.

This week, I found drier chestnut shells and actual conkers! I decided that my battle gear might be the perfect outfit for this lot.

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