Transitions: Living on an island

Since my move to the Isle of Wight (IOW) in October, I’ve let things slip here on my blog in a big way. Hard as it is to admit this, I’ve realised that I cannot do everything all of the time! Some things have to be let go of, temporarily or permanently. I simply do not have the energy and motivation for all of it – all my focus has been and is on income generation, to pay those pesky bills!

The move to the Isle of Wight (a small island on the south coast of England with a population oaf about 130,000) has been both exciting and daunting, possibly the most scary thing I have done to date.  There have been many of those moments this year!

It has been exciting because it’s a new place to get to know, the island itself is stunning, the people are ultra-friendly and there’s endless opportunities there – if I choose to see it like that.
Which I do.
Most of the time. 

And the scary part? 
Committing to a rental means I have committed to a whole bunch of financial things too – not just rent, but utility bills, insurance and so on.  Meaning that I am back in the real world.

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Mergatroid, my relentless Inner Critic (you’ve read about her before), has been hard at work, berating me for all sorts of reckless behaviour:

  • spending my savings, which are rapidly dwindling
  • leaving the safety and comfort zone of family on the mainland
  • not having a job lined up or any idea of where regular income is coming from
  • and more…

The Beast

All this does is feed The Beast called Have I Done The Right Thing?
I’m sure you can imagine how the last two months have been – seesawing between optimism and hope and then crashing down towards “The Beast”. 

It hasn’t helped that my furniture from South Africa still hasn’t arrived. The shipment is due to arrive this weekend and then must clear customs. Hopefully, I’ll have the comfort and anchor of my own stuff soon. 

But, things are not all bad. I started volunteering at a local Oxfam charity shop two days a week – to get out of the flat, meet people and do something with a purpose. I also decided to start offering private primary maths tutoring on the island, which for the moment I am calling “Maths Is Fun“. My focus is on confidence building, a fun, interactive & low stress approach to making sense of maths for primary school children. So I’ve been working hard at getting myself out there both in the social media world and “in real life”. 

In fact, my ex-colleague who lives and runs a business on the island, hosts a Business & Technology Show and invited me to talk on that last week. Here’s the link if you want to watch it – but be warned – it’s over an hour long!

I have a number of other irons in the fire with regards to generating income, all of which will help me build the “portfolio” career I’ve been going on about for ages.

As I settle more into my new life, I hope to get back to publishing posts on a regular basis, if I can create space in my head to do so. But in the meantime, as 2019 draws to a close and we anticipate the beginning of a new decade, I wish you all an amazing festive season full of love, laughter, joy and happy memories.  I’d also like to thank you for your engagement with my blog over the past year.

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