Winter treasures

Creating a new life, in a new place, on an island has taken its toll on my creativity. I have not been as active with my photography as I would like. Hard as it is to admit this, I’ve realised that I cannot do everything all of the time! Some things have to be let go of, temporarily or permanently. I simply do not have the energy and motivation to juggling everything that I do. 

But, I promised myself earlier this year that I would attempt an Artist Date at least once a week – I’m not always successful at this! Every weekend I have the intention of getting out of my flat to go for a walk with my camera.

The Isle of Wight is stunning. At the moment, I am exploring the seaside in my dotty yellow wellies. I’m loving having easy access to it and I’m building up a list of favourite places that I love to go. One of the reasons I moved to the island was to be closer to the sea (I can’t call it the ocean because it is in the English Channel!). I miss the time when I lived in a small town on the Indian Ocean and was determined that I would find somewhere where I could get to the coast and clear my head easily.

Even though it is winter, there are still treasures to be found on the beaches and of course that also means that places are mostly deserted, apart from the occasional dog walker. Here’s a selection of treasures from my recent outings. 

Now that we’ve passed the shortest day of the year and the days lengthen, I look forward to being able to stay out a little longer on my walks. I’m looking forward to sharing so much more of the island with you in all it’s seasonal splendour!

4 thoughts on “Winter treasures

  1. loisastwood says:

    Loved your pics made me wish I was there I so love the sea 💕 Look forward to more as you find time to explore but don’t stress about it as you seem to have a lot to do at the moment 💕


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