The A to Z Team Spring the Tin

Dabelle and her tin-mates were so keen to start their A to Z adventure, that they impulsively decided to “spring the tin” – a little like escaping from prison. They voluntarily live in the Altoids Tin, but like most people they do like a bit of a change every once in a while, especially if excitement, escapades and general shenanigans are likely.  

Their tin, Tardis-like in it’s capabilities, landed on a field of spring daisies, dewy with morning mist. Dabelle was the first out of the tin, camera in hand, with Mini Super-girl champing at the bit to get the lid open. It was a team effort to do so and exhausted they all took a deep breath of invigorating fresh spring air. The tin can get a little airless at times, with 5 of them living in it.

All thinking as one, they took some moments to lie on the bed of daisies to contemplate the wide open sky above them and to soak up the warm sunshine. Aah, it felt good to be out in the open.

Then Dabelle, Mini Super-Girl and Evie the dog, resolved that it was time for action – they had done enough lying around. Larry and Skeleton Man were not so keen. But with Dabelle as their leader, they don’t have much choice.

Where to start?
First of all they need to figure out where in the world they are.
So that they get to Debbie on the Isle of Wight.
And come back to their tin once the adventure is finished.

Psst. Don’t tell them they have to wait until 1st April to get started on the A to Z Adventure. They will not be happy!

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