In the meantime – planning the A to Z challenge

Wed 26th March 2020

I’m so frustrated! I’m so bored. It’s still 6 days before we can start the A to Z challenge… What can we do in the meantime?

Dabelle paces the floor. Larry, ever patient, knows not to say anything until she has gotten it all out of her system.

Some time later, he suggests “Perhaps you could have a look at what Debbie has planned for the month. See if she has found words for each day yet. See if she’s put anything down on paper?

Dabelle hugs him and rushes off to find her camera. “If Debbie has made preparations, they will need photographing, for prosperity sake“, she grins as she sweeps out of the room.

Dabelle finds Debbie in the bedroom, taking photos with her crystal ball.

Can I get in on this photo shoot please?“, asks Dabelle.

Without waiting for an answer she plonks herself down in front of the ball, equally at home in front of the camera as she is behind it!

“I’m going up the wall with boredom, waiting for the challenge to start. Have you done any planning for the A to Z Challenge yet? Anything I can have a look at?“, Dabelle implores.

Funny you should ask, I have and was just about to take some photos of my calendar. I decided to get a little creative with it!

Oh yay, that looks delightful. Lots of colour, patterns and shapes. Let’s have some fun with it and the crystal ball!

After some photo fun, Debbie decides to check that she and Dabelle are on the same page.
You know that you and your team are in charge of finding things for each day’s letter, don’t you? You are the Lockdown Adventure Team after all!

Dabelle looks at Debbie in shock. “Really? I thought you were directing this operation! Oh dear, I better get my thinking cap on – we will need to do a thorough recce of the flat and all the stuff in it. Will we have time? Err, must dash – need to call a team meeting!”

Aah, no need to complain of boredom now, Dabelle.

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