Get your skates on – the A to Z challenge is coming

Sun 29th March 2020
Countdown: 2 days

Hi Dabelle here.

Debbie has allowed me to take over her blog for today, so that I can give you an update on preparations for the A to Z Challenge. As you know, Debbie dropped a major bombshell this week when she said my team was in charge of finding locations and items for the upcoming challenge.

We have been busy since then! We have found possible locations and items for most of the letters and some ideas that will be conceptual. But the big news is that Debbie and I have negotiated that we will share the story writing and photography. Phew!

Now that we’ve done that planning, my message to my team is this…

Get your skates / skis / flippers on
Prepare the things you need – rope, telescope, camera, magnifying glass, fishing rod, cape and more
Sort out what you want to wear
Be ready!

As for myself, I have put aside a few outfits that I think I shall need for the upcoming adventures and I’m going with a mostly white look, black gloves and my trusty poncho. I want to change my hairstyle too. I have some wigs in my wardrobe which I might dig out over the next month to add some variety to my outfits.

See if you can spot my wigs and other costume changes during the challenge!

Until Wednesday!


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