Banknote Bonanza

by Dabelle

Ooh. Ooh. ooh. So excited!

We came across some old banknotes on the spare room bed and wondered what story they tell. I sent Larry and Skeleton Man off to ask Debbie about them, and Mini Super Girl and I did some preliminary snooping around. Once again, we have a story that wasn’t planned! Yay! I love it when that happens – it keeps us interested and enthusiastic!

Repeated symbols on three of the banknotes immediately grab my attention. It looks like three rocks piled on top of each other, like a massive Zen stone. Can you see the ones I mean?

What did they represent? Were they symbolic or a literal representation of something. The other symbols make sense – various wild African animals. But these stones, hmmm, intriguing.

Larry (with coffee) and Skeleton Man come back with Debbie’s story shortly after we’d started sussing things out.

We gather around, while Larry drinks his coffee, to hear what he found out.

The notes are from 1979/1980 when Zimbabwe-Rhodesia transitioned to internationally recognised majority rule and then later became Zimbabwe when independence from UK was granted on 18 April 1980. Living in the country at the time, and only 16 herself, Debbie kept the notes issued by the Reserve Bank of Rhodesia and some of those issued early in 1980 from the new Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, when the value was on a par with the US dollar.

Sadly since then, due to hyperinflation and devaluation, Zimbabwean currency has changed drastically. At one point in 2009, Z$100 trillion banknotes were issued. Debbie said the story of the Zimbabwean currency is a long and crazy one, which you can Google if you want to“. (You can read more about it here).

“Why were they lying on the bed?”

Debbie found them at the back of one of the photo albums she was disposing of yesterday, and she has decided to keep them to add them to her stash of currencies from her travels. She wonders if they might actually be worth something, one day. She’s had them for 40 years!

That’s quite incredible, they are still in great condition. And what about the interesting symbols on the Zimbabwean notes?”, I ask, impatient to know more. “Did Debbie say anything about those?

Well, no, because I didn’t ask. I didn’t know they were of any interest“, Larry responds. “You’ll have to ask her yourself.

I ‘m frustrated, of course, because I haven’t found out anything about the symbols. My own fault for not giving Larry a list of questions to ask. I shall have to ask Debbie if she knows! Our Day Letter B adventure is complete!

Until next time, toodles

PS, if any Zimbabweans are reading this, perhaps you’d like to tell Dabelle what they are. I know, of course, but she doesn’t!

Sundays on the A to Z Challenge

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