Cocooned in crochet

by Dabelle

Ch3, skip 1st st, tr in next st, tr in skipped st, tr in last st, turn
Ch1, dc in each st to end, turn

What is this – a strange code?

I’m an inquisitive soul (some might say I’m nosy!). I found this in a book on Debbie’s bed. And I just had to ask her what it was all about…

“It’s a crochet pattern, for a blanket, Dabelle

“Ok, that makes sense now, although I have no idea what the letters mean – do you?

“Yes, I do now but I didn’t a few weeks ago when I decided to start a crochet project. They are abbreviations for different kinds of crochet stitches – so ‘tr’ means ‘make a treble stitch‘.

“And you know what a treble stitch is? I’m impressed!

“Yes, I do – and a double crochet, and more! I remember doing crochet when I was in my teens but I have had to re-learn how to do all the basic stitches, and to work with tension. And this pattern I’ve chosen uses a Cross Stitch, which is a variation on trebles, looping the yarn in different places.

“Why crochet, though Debs? And why now?”

“Well, I think it’s easier than knitting, I already had some hooks stashed away, it’s easy to learn and exceptionally easy to undo when I make a mistake – which I have done a lot of recently. It’s a really good stress reliever and now that I’ve got the hang of my pattern, I can do it while I watch TV. The flow of the hook going in and out of the yarn is soothing and calming, and I read somewhere that it is a good activity to help prevent Alzheimer’s, which as you know, my mom had.

As we are all ‘stuck’ at home, I want the satisfaction of making something tangible for my home that will take me a little out of my comfort zone and beyond photography and writing. It will be something worthwhile to come out of the enforced isolation.

“How are you getting on with your blanket?

“I’ve made 5 squares so far – I’m so chuffed! I didn’t want to make one massive piece as my first project, so I’m doing smaller squares and then I will sew them altogether.

After chatting with Debbie, she allowed me to get up close and personal with her colourful creation. I got a bit tangled up in the wool, but I quite liked it!

Until next time, toodles

PS: did you spot the wig?

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17 thoughts on “Cocooned in crochet

  1. scr4pl80 says:

    Oh those colors! I have crocheted in the past several blankets and a couple of shawls but nothing too difficult. I decided I’d rather focus on my paper crafting so I gave away a lot of the yarn I had accumulated except for a few skeins that I held on to “just in case.”

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. LianaB says:

    This takes me right back to my younger years when my mother-in-law encouraged me to crochet a bedspread – only took 5 years but then I was newly married! I no longer have any hooks or wool so I am not likely to do this whilst in lockdown though. Great colours and story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Debs Stott 🌳 Everyday Delights says:

      It’s a conundrum, what to keep, isn’t it? I found when I was young, I had no desire to keep ‘old’ things. Now, like you I wish I had. Sometimes we keep too much, but sometimes, it is good to have one thing that is both useful and a momento, as a reminder of that person. Maybe one day, my blanket will remind someone of me!


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