Dogs in the dell

by Debbie

Like most of us during lock down, Dabelle and Larry are keen to get outside for a bit of fresh air and sunshine, especially as the weather is so spring-like. The temperature here today is a delightful 14 degrees and the sky is cloudless. I took a long solitary walk yesterday, and today, it is their turn.

So, the two of them offered to take the next door neighbour’s three dogs for a walk and they set off into the wilds of the “shaggy cushion”. You have to remember that they are tiny creatures and almost anything in the house gives them scope for adventure. If only it was so easy for us humans to find things to occupy us in the home at the moment.

Two of the dogs (almost identical sister and brother, shaggy things themselves) called Fluffington and Fluffmeister bounded off into the shagginess, leaving Dabelle and Larry to wander along behind at their own pace.

Soon, they found a small dell in a wooded area and came upon a spiral motif on the woodland floor, decorated with small silver leaves. They walked the spiral a few times – it was like a maze. Brutus, the third dog, who had been sniffing around on his own for most of the walk came to join them as they contemplated this strange occurrence in the woodlands.

Now, the spiral is a shape that inspires me and Dabelle will no doubt have hundreds of questions about it when she returns from the walk. I had better brace myself!

Until Monday, when we find out what the team have in store for us for the letter “E”.

First Edition of the Weekly Lock Down News is out tomorrow

There are no new stories on Sundays during the A to Z Challenge, as the alphabet only has 26 letters. Tomorrow, I will be publishing the first “Weekly Lock Down” digest which will feature highlights from the week’s stories and some previously unpublished bits too! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for it here! You might even find out about the balancing stones on the Zimbabwean bank notes.

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