A worthless W adventure

by Debbie

I have not been in my own home for 18 days and in the midst of lock down, I have become a bit of a nomad – living out of my suitcases. You can read why here.

My A to Z posts have mostly been pushed to one side, but this weekend, I have had a little breathing space and I decided to invite Dabelle and her tin-mates to join me. As I determined what Saturday’s topic was, today, I let Dabelle and Larry explore a new environment, looking for things that begin with ‘W’. W isn’t an easy letter to work with and as they went from room to room, they found nothing. They became quite despondent about what kind of adventure they could have today.

The last room they explored was the kitchen. They came across a Nespresso coffee machine tucked away in the corner. Larry got really excited and started to have palpitations as he’s a barista and hasn’t seen a coffee maker for some time.

Whilst he was wondering how he might be able to work this massive, human machine, Dabelle spotted the flavoured syrups stacked next to the machine.

They were made by Whittards! Here was the ‘W’ adventure they needed.

He and Dabelle were perched on the top ‘floor’ (aka cup support) of the machine surveying the machine and the scene around it, hemmed in by Chocolate and Hazelnut flavoured syrups.

Now, Larry’s favourite flavour is salted caramel. But the salted caramel syrup was on the drip tray underneath them. How could he get to it?

Dabelle tried to slide down the cup support hole, but got stuck. Larry, taking matters into his own hands, discarded his coffee cup and began to climb down to the next level. Dabelle shouted that she needed a hand to get out of the hole, but Larry who was on a mission, ignored her. No doubt he would pay for that at some stage!

Dabelle watched in dismay as he hooked his slippery little Lego feet over the edge of the shelf. Next thing, with a bump and crash, he was upside down on the drip tray with legs and arms akimbo, and his coffee cup beside him!

Are you okay, Larry“, she shouted, still not able to move.

She heard Larry shuffling around below her as he answered “I will be if I can figure out how to open this *** bottle!

Oh dear – all that effort for nothing. Perhaps I should intervene and help them both out.


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