Hi Dabelle here, for the third to last post in the 2020 A to Z Challenge.

  • xebec
  • xenia
  • xylitol
  • xenic
  • xenon
  • xeric
  • xenophobia
  • xerox
  • xerus
  • xylan

I don’t actually know what most of these words starting with x mean, so, how on earth do we find an adventure for the letter X?

I got to thinking about places where we use the ‘X’ symbol and that gave me the idea for this adventure! If you’ve watched the first Harry Potter movie, you’ll know Harry, Hermione and Ron played a giant chess game. We set up a similar, giant Noughts and Crosses game with things we found around the flat.

But first, Larry and I had to get to the game site, which exhausted us so much that we almost couldn’t face the game! This is us climbing up to the site.

And here we are making it over the top.

Our Noughts and Crosses board is rather large for Larry and I, and our opponents are decorative balls!

Luckily, Larry and I stopped them from winning, and if Mini Supergirl had joined us, we might even have won the game ourselves. And, thank goodness, it wasn’t as violent as the chess game in the Harry Potter movie!

Join us for the final two days of the challenge.

love, Dabelle

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