Trying out domestic foraging


Today I’m sharing a story of inspiration, new learning and new approaches.

Last week I watched Philippa Stanton’s @5ftinf Live Instagram class in collaboration with the @theroyalexchange on “domestic foraging”.

Essentially, with domestic foraging, you decide on a colour to work with. Then you take a tour around your home to find objects of that colour and you collect them altogether.

The idea is that you will use the items to do a flat lay kind of layout – arranging the items in a way that is pleasing to you. If you want, you can photograph the end result.

This is the one Philippa did in the Live Class – based on tones of coral. Isn’t that amazingly gorgeous?

Instant inspiration. I am going to have a go!


I have to be honest, I have tried flat lay photos before and have never been very successful or happy with them. They always seem to lack life and energy. But I love Philippa’s technique. She has an amazing old table (that even has its own hashtag #5ftinftable) that she uses as well as a veritable treasure trove of foraged items. And somehow, she just seems to get the “feeling” right. – every time.

So, let’s see if I can use her approach, and come up with my own layout.

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