Foraging for yellow

So having decided to “forage”, for some strange reason, I went looking for yellow.

Perhaps I just needed some sunshine in my life?

I’m not a big fan of yellow and I naively thought that I would not find much yellow in my home! Silly me – I found soooo much.

Here’s how the process panned out.

Choosing the background

I don’t have a wonderful weathered table like Philippa, but I think my blue wooden kist is a good enough background, and contrasts well with the yellow, and I waited until the late afternoon sunshine added its rays of light to the mix.

Laying out process

It was interesting that the process of laying out for the final photo took ages to do; in fact it went over more than 3 days. I kind of lived with the items for a while and fiddled around with layouts before I came to the final layout. Even now, I know it could be re-arranged in a million different ways.

Taking the photo

Taking the photo itself was also more difficult than I thought. My blue kist is kinda long and skinny and I’d used the whole length of it for the layout. (Note to self: just use part of it next time!) So I had to stand on a small stool, flip put the back screen of my DSLR and with outstretched arms, hold the camera directly over the layout. The neighbours from over the road must’ve wondered what on earth I was doing!

I am quite happy with the end result, as a first go.

I will try another. What do you think?

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