Collecting Moments

Introducing the “Delight Diaries”

In 2014, I began taking a photo every day as part of a 365 project. As the years have passed, I’ve unintentionally established and refined how I do this. When I began writing Morning Pages every day, I found that I have actually internalised so much of what I do every day with my photography to keep me sane and balanced.

It has become a practice – a practice of collecting moments of delight, every day through my photography.

“I am a collector of Everyday Delights. By collecting my small, daily observations and the random individual moments of my life, I have unexpectedly and miraculously woven together a rich narrative for my life.”

Debbie Stott 2020

Starting today, I am setting a new intention. I am formalising how I record and reflect on this mindful and intentional photography practice and how I incorporate and fit it into my life. And I will be sharing it here, on the blog.

This diary will document what I do to maintain my practice. The post may be a single line, a quote, a photograph or a more detailed reflection on the process of Practicing Everyday Delights.

This is a diary of how I have seen the world, how I’ve practiced, what has been easy, what has been hard, what has brought me joy – a window into my life.

Why not join me, as I begin this new phase of my adventure? Step into Delight with me.

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