The delightful pink rag doll

You will see a pink rag doll in the items I used for my pink layout. She has a story that I would like to share.

This pink delight is “Little Deb”

Why is she part of my Delight Diary?

Three reasons really. One, she has been part of my growth and healing and when I look at her I try to remember the little girl in the red lace dress. Two, she’s pink and cheerful, has an open face and is a delight to look at! And three, any item, object in your home is fair game when it comes to taking a daily picture. I’ve taken loads of photos of her when I’ve been in need of a daily pic.

Her story

When I began searching for the “lost me” after my divorce more than 14 years ago, I had a friend who was a psychologist. She often spoke to me about my inner child, who we came to call “Little Deb” and how I should care for her and get in touch with her. This friend encouraged me to buy a doll or soft toy to represent my inner child. I found myself a soft rag doll with a pink dress, pink hair and a soft face who rapidly came to represent my inner child.

Over the years she has heard many of my tales of woe which is why she is a little dirty and tear-stained! She is also useful to cuddle when I need to – as I don’t have any pets in m y life at the moment! And yes, if you read my previous post about hating the colour pink, here is more evidence that I have grown to love the colour!

My friend also said I should find a photo of myself between the ages of three and six to visualise Little Deb in my mind.

Visually, Little Deb is immortalised for me in a red lace dress, long white lacy socks and black patent shoes. Her long blonde hair is tied up in a high ponytail and it shines in the sunlight.

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