16.05.2020: Today’s photos

Wow, I’ve got a lot to document this week, all sparked by my forays into domestic foraging. I’d taken this delightful isiXhosa Cloak off the chair it is normally thrown across to use as the background for my pink domestic foraging layout. I was drawn to taking a few snaps of it to showcase it in it’s own right.

Because it’s beautiful – right?

Here are today’s shots showing the gorgeous beading and stitching detail on the cloak. The pics are not perfectly sharp, but that’s OK. They are simply to show you details.

It was given to me by a group of Primary School teachers from the King Williams Town District of the Eastern Cape in South Africa in 2016, after I’d done a series of workshops with them on how to run after school maths clubs in their schools and communities. In her thank you speech, one of the teachers said that one thing they learnt from participating in the workshops is that they can still be learners, even as adults … learning never stops. Yes! I agree – that’s one of my philosophies in life!

I was so touched by the gift. They’d noticed that I loved pink – miraculously I was wearing my pink dress on the day they presented it to me! It was an honour to receive this traditional, cultural item of clothing. Cloaks like these are handmade by isiXhosa women and are worn on formal cultural occasions.

It also has extra special memories because the woman who organised the training was one of the Masters students I supervised and was doing her doctorate on the maths clubs. Sadly, this special person passed away from cancer in 2018 and never finished her incredible work in the Eastern Cape.

Today I’m so grateful that I take photographs everyday and that I’m always keen to try out new ideas. If I hadn’t done the domestic foraging, I would not have re-discovered this treasure hiding in my home.

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