21.05.2020 A different kind of day

Today I started a temporary job at a local supermarket. I am a “Personal Shopper”. I start at 4am and work until 10am.
You read that correctly.

You’ll remember that I took a self-funded sabbatical in 2019 and I haven’t had a proper paying job since January 2019. The job that I did have lined up to start in March 2020 got postponed because of COVID-19 for a year.

So, this means a big change to my routines. For 15 months, I have had unstructured days with leisurely mornings, and no one to be accountable to except myself.

Last night I tried to sleep at 8pm.
The sun was streaming into my bedroom and it felt like I should be awake and enjoying it.
I was. awake. But grumpy.
A few hours later it was 3am and I was at work by 4am.

And what of my photography practice and routines?

I was knackered when I got home just after 11am.
Every muscle in my body ached from walking around a superstore for well on 6.5 hours.
I had a pot of good strong tea and caught up with my daily Words with Friends games.
I thought about going to sleep.
I didn’t.

But guess what? I took photos instead!

A vase of wilting roses sat on my side table caught my eye. They are in that stage where they look just as gorgeous as when they are fresh and alive.

I arranged them in various ways, using my phone camera to take pics.
I pulled them apart.
Used my Samsung mirrorless camera to use my macro filters for really close up shots.
Edited the photos.
Made a short video showcasing them.

These are the close up shots I used the macro filters for

These are the ones I took with my mobile phone.

The pink and green are a beautiful contrast and the shapes of the dying buds are tactile in their plumpness.

I was filled with fabulous energy and motivation to stay awake!
The immediate exhaustion passed and I knew I would sleep better tonight because I hadn’t napped.
And, I’d taken photos – lots of them!

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