Playing with ink art

Last year I went on an art retreat and for the first time in my life, experimented with using inks. In the class we used found objects to draw with and it was such a freeing experience. Read more about the retreat here.

When I got home, I latched onto a technique called “Ink Bleeds” and ever since then I have been trying to perfect my own technique. It uses lots of water and ink dropped onto the water to create the bleed effects. I have had some modest successes and some dismal failures, but for some reason I have kept at it for more than a year.

Since I am re-branding my blog to align with new ideas and projects I am working on, I had the idea to try some ink art to use as the basis for my branding. I now see why I kept at it – there was a reason I was meant to be refining my technique. So I could use it for something “real”!

These three were my favourites from a day’s work. One of my creative family members is playing with these to see if they can be turned into logos, icons etc for my “brand” – so watch this space. Even if nothing comes from them though, I had so much fun playing around and creating them. – nothing is wasted. It was a delightful way to spend a day.

Watch my video on Instagram to find out more. I have set up a vote on IG to see which people prefer. Do drop me a comment here to tell me which you like the most (or not at all!) and then I will update this post later with results! I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

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