24.05.2020 Low-key delights

Date: 24th May 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights


I’ve done three shifts in my new job as a personal shopper and today was a day off, which meant I could take full advantage of sleeping until past 3am. As I woke, light streamed through the curtains (which I have open when I sleep), promising a lovely day as the high winds from the last two days had passed through.

I remembered that I’d order myself a treat – a High Tea from a local bakery and it was due to come today, to celebrate the second Bank Holiday weekend in lock down. There has to be something to look forward to, right? It arrived shortly after 10.30 and I popped it straight into the fridge to eat later, after chores and shopping were done.

It was yummy!

I also gifted myself to a new pot plant when I did the grocery shopping – purple osteospermums. For now, because the colours match so well, they have found a home amongst to the rose petals which so captivated me earlier this week.

All in all, these uncomplicated every day delights, made me joyful and appreciative of life for what it is – it’s the simple things that count.

In amongst my enjoyment of these simple pleasures, there lies a well of sadness. It has been 8 weeks since my nephew unexpectedly passed leaving his wife, children, parents, sister and the rest of us with a hole in our lives.

What simple delights have you enjoyed this week?

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