25.05.2020 A pub car park

Date: 25th May 2020, 14:42 Spring Bank Holiday, UK
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Natural world / Seasonal

On a whim

The food machine never stops – we were all in work at 4am this morning, on a public holiday, picking items to go out for delivery to customers. Luckily though, we actually finished all our work half an hour early and I felt a frisson on freedom at being on my way home sooner than anticipated.

The route I take to work is very picturesque, and coming home mid morning is both delightful and calming. Roads edged by wild cow parsley, become tunnels of green and dappled sunshine in wooded areas, the cloudless blue sky and the Downs stretch towards the English Channel.

Today, as I approached a pub on a corner by the traffic light, on whim I pulled into the driveway, intent on taking a few photos. Luckily, my camera was in the boot.

Nature has taken over

Pubs are all closed during lock down, and are not allowed to do any garden maintenance. As I wondered through this neglected car park, I realised that even though humans have temporarily abandoned this area, the wild things are happy. A shy bunny hops under some broad leaves as I came along, birds forage in the overgrown hedges. The place is teeming with life and colour. Daisies grow in between the slats of a fallen fence panel, weeds entwine themselves around lampposts, and harsh cement pavements, are softened by weeds and more daisies.

My next mission is to see if I can capture the green tunnels with their dappled sunlight- if I can find a place to park safely.

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