27.05.2020 Captivated by shape & colour

Date: 27th May 2020
Location: Isle of Wight, my bedroom
Category: Home space

It’s all connected

You may know (or maybe you don’t!) that my favourite colours are purple, green and more recently, pink. The soft furnishings (blankets, cushions, bedding, towels) in my bedroom are different shades and hues of purple and green, and in the past, I’ve painted walls in pale greens and lilacs. I’m in a rental at the moment, and sadly cannot paint here but would do so in a heartbeat if I had the go ahead!

I have loads of green and purple crystals lying around the room and plenty of pendants (for my necklace) in greens and purples. A collection of purple and green photos are strung up between purple cord on the wall.

Today, as I was tidying up my jewelry area, not only did the colours look beautiful in the late afternoon sunshine, but I was also struck by the shapes, colours and textures of the receptacles – a star-shaped bowl for earrings, a curvy container for pendants, a hand blown green bottle and a stumpy purple glass vase containing crystals.

I realised that because my favourite colours and shapes permeate everything I own, decorate with and display, there is a deep connection with who I am. I’m not a trend follower – my home reflects who I am.

I captured the moment of realisation and joy forever in a photograph. And then, editing the images, prolongs the pleasure for a few more minutes – today I did the same image two ways – one normal and one vintage. Practicing everyday delights, every day.

What colours rock your world? And shapes? My favourite shape is a spiral, but anything shapely and organic will make me smile too.

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