29.05.2020 Catch a shooting star…

Date: 29th May 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simply Everyday Delights

and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day*

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen a shooting star. What about you?

Yesterday, on my way to my 4am shift, one shot across the sky as I drove across the Isle of Wight Downs. It was still dark enough for it to be bright in the sky, but there was also a tinge of colour in the sky and the background with the lights from Southampton Harbour and the Solent.

I was all alone on the road and I felt a moment of magic as it glowed briefly before me. I made a quick wish and my body came alive with energy – yes, even at 3:45am!

Photo by Neale LaSalle from Pexels

I’ve always believed that seeing a shooting star is good luck. A quick Google search says that it can mean a change or big event is coming towards your life, or it can be a symbol of reaching ones ultimate destiny. Wow – who knew?

This time, as I am aware of being on my spiritual journey, I am going to take this one as a positive sign – reminding me that I have a connection to the universe. Could it also be a possible moment of synchronicity affirming that what I am currently doing is perhaps a good way to go? I choose to believe so.

* lyrics from Perry Como song, 1957

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