01.06.2020 A new month

Date: 1st June 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Home Grown

Well, here we are in June already. I cannot believe how this year has flown, in spite of lock down / quarantine restrictions.
Does anyone else feel the same?


I’m so excited. I finally have something to look forward to! My son is coming home from uni tomorrow. Because there are no flights operating at the moment, he is having to come by train. It’s a long old journey from Edinburgh to Southampton and then onto the Isle of Wight by ferry. He will have to commute across London to catch his trains. Naturally, we are all concerned about his travelling on public transport in these crazy times – but he is prepared with gloves, face mask and plenty of hand sanitiser!

I’ve cleared the spare bedroom so that he can make it his own whilst he is with me. And vacuuming, putting things away, cleaning. When you live alone, you live how you want to. I live with a certain level of untidiness and I spread out into the space that I have. But when someone is coming into that space to share it, things must be sorted out!

I’ve also been getting used to my weird new sleep and work schedule, so what it means is that I haven’t really had the time to take photos over the last few days.

The point of practicing Everyday Delights

But the whole point of my “practice” of Everyday Delights, is that anything counts as a photo. The photo is the opportunity to “collect a memory”, not create a masterpiece or fine art.

In that spirit, I share a pic of one of my son’s very first soft toys, who we call “Great Ape” . He measures about 45cm to the top of his head – he was bigger than my son when he got him as a baby! Great Ape sits on the bed awaiting the visit of his “person” who is now much taller than him!

Until next time,

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