11.06.2020 Wooden tones

Date: 11th June 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Creativity

Third domestic forage

A few weeks ago I did another domestic foraging exercise around my home. I went in search of wooden items and things that blended with those tones.

The items sat in the basket for a week or two and I finally got around to tipping them out onto the table to see how I could lay them out. It has taken me so long to share the results – mostly due to my very unfriendly working shifts!

My “table” is actually a long rectangular kist and I am discovering that it is not really the right shape for my layouts. After doing a few on the kist and feeling dissatisfied with how they looked, I found my large chopping board and did a few variations on that.

Although the rectangular one has more objects in it, I was much happier with the square space – it felt more contained. Which do you prefer: one or two?

1. Long rectangle
2. Squarer

The thing I most enjoyed about doing this forage was re-connecting with objects from Africa and family – delightful memories of my other lives and different times.

Many of my wooden spoons originate from my African travels and are really tactile because they are hand-made. The bits of wood are all from Africa too – from the Hogsback Forest and from beach walks over the years. The ruler at the bottom belonged to my father-in-law and is one of those things that are so well made, that to this day it functions as it did on day one. The small clay figures of dogs remind my of the annual National Arts Festival (the biggest of its kind in Africa) which was held in our town. Every year I’d visit the stall holder who made these models and buy one to add to my collection.

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