18.06.2020 Life is better in flip flops

Date: 18th June 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Simple pleasures

So blessed to live by the sea

It was a beautiful day on Monday. After my early morning shift at the supermarket and a quick nap, my son and I forced ourselves to go for a drive to the beach so we could paddle in the sea. We dressed in summer clothes, including flip flops and off we went.

The sea is never far away on the Isle of Wight, as its only about 23km x 15km. We chose to go East to Shanklin, mostly because the view as you come down the hill to sea level is breathtaking.

Happily, there were more seagulls than people at the beach, many of them juveniles. We wondered why they all sit facing the same way on the breakwater stumps. Does anyone know why they do this?

The other thing we noticed was the sheer number of vessels anchored in the English Channel – cruise ships, container ships and so on. There are even more in the Solent itself. These are all the ships affected by lock down restrictions – there is simply no space for them all to dock in Southampton or Portsmouth Harbours, and so they have been sitting out in the ocean for months.

Is summer passing me by?

As summer sets in, I sometimes have the feeling that summer is going to pass me by this year, what with lock down restrictions and my strange new working hours. This trip to the beach restored my faith – knowing that I will be able to create and savour moments like this throughout summer, if I make the effort. All is not lost. And with the added benefit of there being very few holiday makers on the island at the moment because we aren’t really allowed to travel to go on holiday.

I am so blessed to live so close to the sea. Life is definitely better in flip flops.

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