22.06.2020 Curvaceous reflections

Date: 22nd June 2020
Location: Isle of Wight, my lounge
Category: Photography and inspiration

Reflected light

I was lethargic.
I wanted to take a photograph.
Too tired and uninspired to come up with an idea.

Still, I picked up the camera.
Took a few half-hearted snaps of the fresh yellow flowers on the coffee table.
Suddenly noticed how the yellow of the daisies reflected in the blue ceramic vase.

There was the spark to get me going…

I had my photo for the day.
My Step Into Delight

Thanks to the play of light, colour and a shiny, reflective surface.
What do you think? Aren’t the colours and patterns gorgeous?
Which one speaks to you?

I know by now, that if I pick up my camera and start playing, that eventually, I will find some inspiration for a photo; find an angle that works, or see light doing its wonderful thing.
This is why my practice sustains and carries me forward.
Because I know this process works.
Every time.

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