11.07.2020 Watch: Process video

Today in the Delight Diaries

I want to share a bit of my process of taking a photo – not the technical process but how a photo comes about. Where an idea starts and what I choose as the final image.

Often, the initial shots I take are not usually any good (thank goodness for digital cameras and the ability to delete!) but if I keep at it and get into the flow, I generally start to get interesting shots. Something “good enough” for the day’s post, and good enough as the memory for the day. Note, that I said “good enough”, not perfect. I am not aiming for perfect here. I am not aiming for a masterpiece. I am collecting the moment and how it feels to me and how the photo captures the moment I have experienced.

Today, was one of those days when I started out with some elements and a vague idea about what I wanted to capture. But it took a while to get to this final shot. Have a look at the short video to see how it panned out.

Practicing the pause

In my latest newsletter, I’ve shared my photography “practicing the pause” process, which I am learning to leads me to a joyful place most of the time. If I trust my instincts enough to pause and look at what caught my attention in the first place, curiosity eventually takes over, my body relaxes, Mergatroid retreats and I get engrossed in the process.

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The video shows the process of how this image came about, from the moment my attention is caught by an idea to the final “collected moment” and image.

If any of this resonates with you, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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