12.07.2020 Hands on delights

Date: 12th July 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Creativity

Tangible art

Although I appreciate digital photography (especially not ever running out of film and the ability to delete images), there is something grounding about holding and touching printed photographs and creating photo books. My “art” seems more tangible and substantial when I have a stack of photos in my hands.

I recently printed some of my favourite arty, funky photos and I when they arrived, I was overcome with a wonderful feeling of being an artist in real life!

I laid the prints out on the floor and moved them around, making different connections with shape and colour – something I can do on the computer, but I find much harder.

I had flashbacks to the days when I was a scrap booking wizard when I spent hours playing around with layouts, matching papers and accessories to the photos to create a visual story. These 12 or so albums are testament to that phase of my life!

As I said in a recent post, my plan is to make this stash of recently printed photos into something that I can use in my interchangeable frame – some kind of display that I can see in my home everyday. I know that I don’t have time for this just yet – but I will get around to it! I have the delightful anticipation of knowing these projects are there for the future.

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