17.07.2020 A fall back technique

Date: 17th July 2020
Location: Isle of Wight
Category: Foto Fridays

Photo anxiety

Although I manage to find plenty of inspiration around my home as a daily memory, it is so much easier to collect moments when I can leave my home and explore the outside world. Duh, that’s obvious!

Sometimes, though, going for a walk or an outing with the intention of taking photos can feel a little daunting.
What will catch my eye? Will I find anything interesting to make an image from. What if I come home empty handed… Yada, yada.

When this these nasty little thoughts creep in (and they do quite often), they knock my creativity on the head, leaving me anxious and agitated. But, I’ve developed a technique to fall back on, which works remarkably well.

I have a number of fun ongoing themes which I like to add to. I simply tell myself to take an image for an ongoing, long term series / theme. I’ve consistently used many of these over the years. Plus, they are a superb way for me to keep ongoing records of my life – where I go, live, work and so on. Examples are “Places to Sit”, “Where I / We Stand”, “Shadow Selfies”, “Half and Half”. “Look into the Spaces”, “Hidden Corners” etc.

Although I’ve been using these themes for well over 5 years, I did not realise how important this technique is to my photography, until quite recently. What I’ve realised is this:

Looking for opportunities to shoot for these themes / series instantly takes the pressure off – I don’t need to look for or take the perfect shot. It is comforting and frankly quite satisfying because I know I will nearly always come home with a shot to add to a series, if nothing else.

Job done. I can relax and the anxiety disappears. Suddenly I am free to creatively explore other types of photos. Pretty cool, huh?

As creatives, we all have anxiety inducing moments when we feel “not enough”. How do you deal with yours?

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